Soak 'n' Seal Combo

Soak 'n' Seal Combo

The Perfect Pair For Ultimate Care!


The Soak 'n' Seal Combo is 8 ounces of our Hydrating Wood Serum and 4 ounces of our All-In-One Wood Conditioner. The Serum is a highly concentrated oil that is petroleum free and will soak deep into the wood to properly hydrate the fibers, and the Conditioner will seal in the moisture with our all natural waxes. 


The Soak 'n' Seal combo helps to prevent chipping, swelling, and even protects against UVA and UVB rays! This all-natural formula has a vibrant lemon scent that will keep your room smelling clean for days.


What can you use this on?

Wooden Cutting Boards Wooden Bowls Wooden Butcher Blocks Wooden Utensils Wooden Rolling Pins Benefits When wood dries out, it will start to chip and crack apart. Once this happens, sharp edges appear and can cause discomfort while also becoming ruined. The Serum and Conditioner seek out the driest area of wood and moisturizes it. The 100% pure and natural beeswax and carnauba wax mixture provides a barrier above the wood that helps seal in the moisture.


How To Apply

Clean – Dry – Apply

It is important to start with a clean surface, so wash your kitchenware first. Take a clean cloth and dry the entire surface of your wooden cutting board, butcher block, utensils, or whatever you are about to apply the conditioner to. Once your surface is dry, apply the conditioner to all sides of the wood. It might take a few coats if the wood is new, so be generous when you apply the conditioner. Our preference is to use a clean cloth and buff the conditioner into the wood for a few moments until you feel that there is an even coat. As this conditioner sets over time, the waxes will harden and provide a barrier from UV rays and moisture.

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