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  • How do these products stand out from other products?
    Our mission is to be an all-natural and environmentally friendly company that provides the best wood care products available. That is why we do not use any harsh chemicals or fillers in any of our products. Each ingredient is 100% natural and food safe. Due to the high quality of our products, we wanted to make sure they last as long as possible to reduce waste, and that is why most of our products are in glass containers. Even the plastic containers that we use for a few of our products are already 100% recycled material. ​ The beeswax that we use is only harvested from local beekeepers that we have vetted through an application process. We had the opportunity to be like the other guys and buy cheap beeswax pellets from who knows where, however that is against our morals as a company. Our mission to provide safe and pure ingredients will always be a staple to this business, but also, we love to help out our neighbors throughout the United States and support their businesses too.
  • Do these products have to sit overnight? Can I use the cutting board right after I apply?
    Our products were designed to be used immediately without having to wait for the waxes and oils to dry. The oils in our products soak in at different rates because some woods are more porous than others. If the wood has been cared for before, that could also have an impact on how much oil actually soaks into the wood fibers as well. As a good rule of thumb, we recommend 20-30 minutes of wait time for the first application. After that time, wipe off any extra oil that has not soaked into the wood, or if there are still dry areas, then a second application is preferred. Overall, if you’d like to use the cutting board or wooden utensils immediately after an oil or wax application, feel free to do so.
  • How much salt/soap/serum/wood conditioner should I apply?
    Our instructions are really just general recommendations. The amount needed for a single wooden spoon versus an entire butcher block countertop are vastly different. As a general rule of thumb, less is more. Our products are very concentrated with the most pure and natural ingredients, so a little goes a very long way. When we use our products on our own kitchenware, we will go light on an application and add a little more until we have an even coverage. To put an actual amount to it, we have a 24” by 18” cutting board that is just under 2” thick that we use daily. Every couple of weeks, we will apply one ounce of Hydrating Wood Serum and about half an ounce of All-In-One Wood Conditioner as a single application. This is plenty of care and hydration to maintain this board for a lifetime.
  • Is it food safe to use on cutting board or kitchen utensil?
    Absolutely! We only use certified food safe ingredients that are the most pure and natural.
  • Can you use it on wooden blinds?
    You may use any of our products on wooden blinds, but we only recommend using the All-In-One Wood Conditioner because of the wax properties. In our experience, the waxes help prevent dust from accumulating in comparison to not applying anything.
  • Can you use this product on wooden floors or wooden furniture?
    Even though our products make all wood look amazing, we do not recommend applying any of our products on wood floors. The oils and waxes are slick when wet, so the flooring would not be very safe after application. For wooden furniture, our products are meant for any surface that does not have a treated layer like a polyurethane or a lacquer. We have a lot of customers who love to treat antiques with our products because of the safe hydrating properties mixed with the all-natural ultra-violet light protection. If our products are applied to a treated type of wood, the oils do not fully dry, so we do not recommend applying to treated wood.
  • Can these products be used on all types of wood?
    Every type of wood benefits from Bumblechutes. We are asked a lot about bamboo and if our products work well with that type of wood. Bamboo is a really efficient type of material that is naturally water resistant. Our best products for bamboo are our Wood Cleaning Kit and All-In-One Wood Conditioner.
  • Is this tested on animals?
    None of our products have ever been tested on animals.
  • Can this be used on painted wood?
    Our products can be used on top of painted wood, but to get the best benefit, we recommend our All-In-One Wood Conditioner due to the wax properties to help add an extra protective layer on top of the paint.
  • Will this restore old furniture?
    Absolutely! Antique furniture restoration is another application that people love our products for. We have heard of amazing success restoring old chests, lamps, and even gun stocks. ​
  • Can this be used on inside or outside wood? Such as picnic table? Garden bed?
    Definitely! Our products are meant for any surface that does not have a treated layer like a polyurethane or a lacquer. We love using our wood conditioner on our own cedar garden beds as a natural UV blocker and water resister. Plus, the natural lemon oil helps to keep away certain types of beetles or other insects that might go after that head of lettuce.
  • Is this product all made in the USA?
    We are 100% made in the USA out of our shop in southern New Hampshire. Erik, the Founder of Bumblechutes, spent 12 years serving in the military, and we will always be proud to keep the manufacturing here in the United States. ​
  • Does it fill it scratches?
    Our waxes in the All-In-One Wood Conditioner help to fill scratches and keep the wood looking smooth and new for years to come. The waxes will not fully conceal the blemishes, but will help disguise them while also helping to protect the wood fibers from drying out more quickly.
  • Do you need all these products (serum, wood conditioner, soap kit etc.) to care for boards?
    The benefit of using all of our products together allows the wood to be properly protected from cleaning to conditioning and helps keep the wood last a lifetime. We understand the pricing of our products and that sometimes getting all our items is not an option, and that is why we created the All-In-One Wood Conditioner (AIOWC). The AIOWC is the perfect amount of everything to get a good application of top layer protection. Some applications require more hydration though, and that is why we created our serum. Our Hydrating Wood Serum does not have any waxes and is the perfect viscosity to soak deep into the wood and properly hydrate the wood fibers from the inside out. Depending on the specific application, one product might be better than another, but for the best protection, using our cleaning, hydrating, and conditioning products will provide the ultimate wood care. ​
  • What material is best for applying your products?
    We love to use our sponge applicators that come with our Wood Cleaning Kit, but you can use anything from a paper towel, clean cloth, or even your own hands.
  • What is the shelf life?
    Our shelf life is typically 18-24 months for our products. Our premium glass containers help keep our products lasting a long time, but also, storage out of direct sunlight and in a cool area help to prolong the lifespan of our oils and waxes. Even after the “expiration date”, our products do not suddenly become unusable. We use our expiration labels as a suggested use by date with the ability to use your discretion. ​
  • Do you have a list of things I can use your products on?
    The list continues to grow as our customers find more ways to benefit from our products. As of today, here is the short list of available options our products can be used on. Cutting Boards, Utensils, Bowls, Butcher Block Countertops, Baby Toys, Garden Beds, Blinds, Gun Stocks, Plates, Antiques, Picture Frames, Leather Belts and Boots, Baskets, and Much More!
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