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Introducing Buzz, the revolutionary Finish Spreader by Bumblechutes – where creativity meets practicality in 3D printing! Imagine a tool that not only spreads your materials flawlessly but does it with the charm and efficiency of our beloved Bumblechutes Bee!


Crafted in the iconic shape of our Bumblechutes logo, Buzz is not just any ordinary tool – it's a versatile companion for your DIY projects. Each wing of the bee-shaped spreader serves a unique purpose: one with a smooth edge for precision spreading, and the other featuring a trowel shape ideal for thicker coatings. Whether you're finishing off a woodworking project or spreading resin for your latest craft, this tool ensures smooth, even application every time.


But wait, there's more! The clever design includes a thoughtful drainage system: excess material easily flows out through a discreet hole in the bee's rear, collecting neatly in the base bowl. No mess, no fuss – just efficient crafting!


What's truly exciting is the customization potential. With 7 print plates included in the digital download, you have the flexibility to print in multiple colors or opt for a single-color design using just one plate. Want a rigid structure? Print with PLA. Need flexibility? Choose TPU for the wings. The choice is yours!


Thanks to Bambu Labs AMS technology, printing is not only easy but also allows for simultaneous printing in various colors or materials. Whether you're a seasoned maker or just starting out in the world of 3D printing, the Finish Spreader promises a fun and fulfilling crafting experience.

Transform your crafting game with Buzz – because spreading the love (and materials!) has never been this stylish or efficient. Get your digital download today and see why everyone's buzzing about it!

Buzz - Finish Spreader