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Looking to take care of your wooden kitchenware without breaking the bank? Our "Give Us A Try Combo" is the perfect solution! With a low-cost sample size of our Soak and Seal Combo, you'll be able to try our hydrating wood serum and all-in-one wood conditioner to see why they're the best products for keeping your wooden cutting boards, bowls, utensils, and more in top shape.


Our Soak and Seal Combo contains 2 ounces of our highly concentrated Hydrating Wood Serum and 1 ounce of our All-In-One Wood Conditioner, both made with 100% pure, natural, and food safe ingredients. The serum deeply hydrates your wooden kitchenware, while the conditioner creates a barrier to seal in the moisture, preventing chipping and cracking, and protecting against UVA and UVB rays. Plus, with a refreshing lemon scent, your kitchen will smell amazing for days!


Say goodbye to dry, cracked wood that ruins your kitchenware! Our Soak and Seal Combo is the solution you've been looking for. With just a few easy steps, you can transform your wooden cutting boards, bowls, butcher blocks, utensils, and rolling pins into hydrated, protected wood that lasts longer and looks beautiful.


To get started, clean your surface and apply our highly concentrated Hydrating Wood Serum. Then, wipe away any excess and generously apply our All-In-One Wood Conditioner, buffing it in with a clean cloth for an even coat. That's it! Our all-natural formula with beeswax and carnauba wax will seal in the moisture, prevent chipping, swelling, and protect against harmful UV rays.


With our Give Us A Try Combo, you can experience the benefits of our Soak and Seal Combo at a low cost. We are confident that once you try our sample size, you'll be hooked on our full-sized versions. Order now and give your wooden kitchenware the care it deserves!

Give Us A Try Combo