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The Wood Armor Kit is an exquisite selection of artisanal products designed to fortify and enhance the beauty of your woodworking creations. Crafted for both seasoned woodworkers and hobbyists alike, this kit boasts two opulent sizes, each containing the perfect union of Bee'Nooba Wax and our All-Natural Wood Finish.


  • Introducing "The Wood Armor Ensemble":

    • Immerse yourself in the artistry of woodworking with this thoughtfully curated selection. This size includes a 4 oz Bee'Nooba Wax, meticulously sourced from verified USA beekeepers, and a 16 oz All-Natural Wood Finish crafted from Polymerized Tung Oil, high purity Citrus Solvent, and Organic Gum Rosin. The perfect balance for projects that demand precision and protection.


  • Presenting "The Wood Armor Grand Reserve":

    • For the dedicated artisan pursuing larger-scale and intricate projects, we offer the Grand Reserve. This size features an 8 oz Bee'Nooba Wax, paired with a generous 32 oz of our All-Natural Wood Finish. Elevate your craft with an ample reserve of these premium products, ensuring your creations are enveloped in enduring brilliance and safeguarded for years to come.


Embrace the sophistication of "The Wood Armor Kit" and indulge in the luxury of unparalleled wood care. Your creations deserve the finest, and with this kit, you embark on a journey of woodworking excellence.

The Wood Armor Kit

PriceFrom $51.99